Kev Jameson Musician

I'm a solo acoustic artist and song writer,I play locally in the north west in pubs and clubs, and at private venues. i'm a vocalist,gutarist and harmonica player,and have my own unique style.I cover a wide range of artists including Stereophonics,Bruce Springsteen,Tom Petty,Johnny Cash,The Jam,Pink Floyd,Goo Goo Dolls,Bob Dylan, Oasis,The Beatles and many more .. I also have my own material and I am currently working on more studio recordings.


Rhythm of the rain

1 of my 1st gigs at The Gables in Leyland,Lancashire

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"Lost Faith"

A demo of 1 of my songs,soon to be recorded in the studio



A list of upcoming gigs :-

Thursday 15th August(4.30pm) @ The Southport Flower show

Friday 23rd August(9.30pm) @ The Filling Factory,Buckshaw Village

Saturday 24th August(1pm) @ Leyland Market(Taste of Leyland)

Sunday 25th August(5pm) @ Cann Bridge Ale House,Higher Walton

Monday 26th August(4.30pm) @ The Market Ale House,Leyland

Saturday 31st August(all day!) @ Private BBQ

Saturday 7th September(9pm) @ Cherry Gardens,Wigan

Sunday 8th September(5pm) @ The Greenhaus,Eccleston

Sunday 15th September(4pm) @ The Guild Ale House,Preston

Friday 20th September(8pm) @ Royal Oak,Whittle-le-Woods

Sunday 22nd September(4pm,upstairs) @ The Golden Lion,Ashton in Makerfield



My version of Acoustic 3 by the goo goo dolls

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Out of Luck

This is my day


Hi all,at the grand young age of 52yrs i FINALLY fulfilled 1 of my dreams to become a professional solo performer.I've played guitar from the age of 12 and been in the odd band but never took it seriously.However,after a serious accident in my previous profession(painting & decorating)i gradually and reluctantly accepted the fact that i physically couldn't do that job anymore.

Being in a wheelchair for 10 months,hydro and physiotherapy for 2 years and crutches for 3 years opened my eyes to a different world.Hey,i was fine-i KNEW i'd be able to walk eventually(albeit painfully)but what about the disabled out there who are forever in a wheelchair?What about the kids, mentally & physically incapacitated for life?!I still sometimes feel sorry for myself,but with the help of loved 1's and lovely wife,Diane i am "living the dream",entertaining people and BEING entertained by a new wonderful music family.

It can be quite challenging at times  playing in pubs and clubs BUT i'm doing what i love and getting paid for it.I suppose my main ambition is to play bigger gigs & not just playing cover songs.I do have a number of my own songs & am constantly writing new material even though most of it i discard because it doesn't quite meet my standards.Anyway that's about it for now so lets see what becomes of 2019.Many thanks x

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Mobile - 07958177525 or 07421322778

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